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What is Centigrade?

Centigrade is a report based on your responses to the Centigrade Online questionnaire. Your unique report will contain a selection of higher education course areas based on your own interests and abilities.

Each area lists the relevant courses, including both single and combined courses, together with a list of universities which offer these courses in the UK (and Ireland). In addition, using an advanced matching system each area is compared with a list of related interests allowing you to check if this area is for you.

What is Centigrade Online?

Centigrade Online is the quickest way to get your personalised Centigrade report. It consists of an online questionnaire which:

  • asks 150 interest related questions to find out what you like and don't like
  • checks your current academic progress - any qualifications already obtained or courses you\'re taking or planning to take
  • finds out your preferences to other aspects of higher education

This seems like a lot, but the entire process should only take around 30 minutes and will save you an enormous amount of time and effort later on.

Your report can then be delivered either by email as a PDF file which costs only £20.00, or professionally printed, assembled and posted to you, normally within two working days all for just £30.00*.

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Centigrade Online

* Costs £35.00 for those outside the UK to cover postage.

For a detailed description of the report, the following pages explain each section in more depth - at any time you may continue with Centigrade Online by clicking 'Centigrade Online'.

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The Centigrade Report

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